ParasnathERP handles the complex workflows of manufacturing industries very easily. More than the workflows, the challenging part is to provide flexibility required by SMEs in the given workflows. The highlighting features of ParasnathERP is as follow s:

  • Sales order booking / Order Acceptance                                                                                                  
  • Work order generation
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Production plan and scheduling
  • Material Indenting – Auto/ Manual mode
  • Purchase order processing
  • Material Inwards / GRN, Material Rejection
  • Purchase bill booking
  • QC at different stages
  • Production – Assembly manufacturing & Process Manufacturing                                                  
  • Machine scheduling and production process tracking
  • Subcontracting – Jobwork-out / Jobwork-in
  • FG – Storage / Sales / Dispatch / Invoicing
  • Accounts & Finance
  • MIS and Analysis

In the complex environment of manufacturing sector, where there is varied demand for changing workflows, ParasnathERP supports required flexibility with ease. Many of the established names in ERP segment are been failures to meet the expectations of SME industries. The workflows of industries may consist of Assembling or Processing or mixed operations. ParasnathERP handles these processes based on predefined workflows as well as changed workflows depending on the demand. It meets the requirements of Process Manufacturing or Standard manufacturing or Order based manufacturing in the most suitable ways.

ParasnathERP can operate in the Cloud Environment as well as In-premise Environment depending on the requirement of the client. It perfectly adapts the working conditions typically exist in SME organizations.

ParasnathERP is a platform independent ERP system. The client may use Windows/ Linux or Mac operating systems randomly and simultaneously, still ParasnathERP can function on these multiple platforms seamlessly.