Distributors or Companies having multiple distributors always face challenge of having visibility on the sales and stock at their Depots / Distributor places. The primary sales can be managed as it is a single point distribution activity in most of the cases. However tracking secondary sales becomes challenge as there is too much dependency on the manual reports prepared by the local personnel.

Get the best ERP for supply chain management in Pune.

Our Stock & Sales Visibility (SSV) solution exactly caters to this need and provides a unique solution to have tracking & visibility of Inventory and sales happening at different locations.


  • Automatic updation of Product masters to all locations from HO / Main location. This include new stock items, Pricelists, VAT Structures, Discount Structures etc.
  • Updating the transactions through Data Synchronization.

     Updation of all new transactions as well as modifies / cancelled transactions
  • Complete visibility on Invoicing, discounting, credit notes, stock rejections etc. happening at each location
  • Complete visibility of Closing stocks, dead-stocks available at all locations
  • Tracking of Goods-in-transit (GIT) for all inter-branch transfers
  • Sales analysis – location-wise, region-wise, customer-wise, product-wise, category-wise
  • MIS available for HO personnel - on the main server which can be accessed from any location
As we know every organization has its unique needs, we at Prism IT ERP solutions are specifically designed to meet the different business structures. ERP helps to automate all your business function whether it is accounting system, sales management, logistic management process along with all small day to day processes in your organization. With our core competency to implementing ERP solutions we can help you make your business more agile, improve competitiveness and optimize the usages of existing resources.
With ERP solutions like Marketing and sales, inventory control, purchase our ERP software solutions unveils the power of reliable and well-timed communication. With Parasnath IT, you can always improve business performance and efficiency.

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